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Each SuperSMITH(R) License Includes All Programs:

FULL Versions of Weibull, Visual, and Ybath(TM)

NOTE: Prices with Publications are provided below 1st Table.

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Software License Only (No Publications)

Quantity Purchased Simultaneously or Terminals

Cost (% of Full Price) *

Adjusted Unit Prices with Quantity Discount







3 - 6



7 - 19



20 or More

67 (rounded)


* Software is delivered by electronic transmission only. (No physical delivery)

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice. The SuperSMITH license agreement stipulates it is a simultaneous-use type license, such that the quantity of people using its installations at the same purchasing organization at the same time is limited to the quantity of licenses purchased by that organization. EXAMPLE: If total five licenses are purchased by an organization, then up to five people at that organization may use the software simultaneously. More people using the software than that at the same time is not authorized and voids the usage agreement. An "unlimited site license" is available to remove this usage restriction for the purchasing organization.

DISCOUNTS: Previous owners of software can purchase upgrade to the latest version of our software for 30% of the current purchase price if the previous version is no more than one year old. The upgrade price goes up to 50% of the current purchase price if the previous version is more than one year old. Another option is to purchase "yearly maintenance" for 40% of the current purchase price payable each year as needed (no requirement to continue). Yearly maintenance allows the purchaser to upgrade to the latest version at any time during the term of maintenance. An unlimited site license as mentioned above is available for larger organizations and priced at a quantity of 50 concurrent users. EXAMPLE: An unlimited site license for yearly maintenance would receive price discount for quantity of 50 and also the 40% discount for upgrade resulting in a total cost of $22,512.00. This would allow for any quantity of concurrent users at the purchasing organization.


Items with Publications and Other


Unit Prices

The New Weibull Handbook(c) by Dr. Abernethy

Order from

PlayTIME(TM) Tutorial

FREE `.PDF` download, see

Weibull New Methods + Video (on CD)

98.00 + S&H**

Consulting via Internet (Total for All Consultants in Session)

2,400.00 for first eight-hour day ($300/hour) plus 260.00 for each additional hour after 8 hours

Consulting in Person at Your Location (per Consultant)

2,400.00 for each eight-hour day (does not include travel expenses), plus $300/hour for additional hours.

Flat rate travel expenses are normally either 2,000.00 total within North America for up to 3-days at site, or 1,200.00 plus business class airfare outside of North America for up to 3-days at site. Flat rate travel costs will be in the quote.

** Shipping/Handling (S/H) prices for items is quoted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for further information on this.