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Announced September 7, 2003

Product Release:

"New Methods for Life Data Analysis"

by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy

There are a host of new methods and technology that improve life data analysis. What will this do for the engineer, the manager, the warranty forecaster, the test planner, the cost analyst? How can we convince these people that it is worth the effort to apply these tools?

A CD has been developed to present the benefits. It contains a Weibull analysis video with three simple case studies in a 23 minute presentation. This is followed by a PowerPoint presentation of seven case studies used to illustrate new methods to:

o   identify and analyze problems,

o   forecast failures and costs,

o   reduce test time,

o   monitor project performance,

o   and trend units operating in-service,

using new tools every engineer should have. A Microsoft Word document is included showing step-by-step, how the analysis was done for each case study. The CD provides an excellent overview for engineers and managers interested in improving their product and monitoring in-service performance. The quantitative technology is particularly useful for Six-Sigma Black Belt training.

The seven case studies are:

1. Forecasting Steering Link Failures

2. Minimizing R&D Testing Costs

3. Forecasting Warranty Claims

4. Substantiation & Reliability Testing

5. Accelerated Testing to Reduce Costs

6. Is the New Design Better?

7. Which Distribution Best Fits the Data?

Kevin E. Bauman PE, CRE, Dow Chemical, wrote, "I received the CD and had a chance to review it this afternoon. It is excellent. I see it serving as an excellent tutorial for our Weibull students. I believe it is definitely worth sharing. Once I started, I was hooked and went through all the presentation (video, PowerPoint, etc)."