SuperSMITH(TM) Package, With Software + Publications


Contact: Wes Fulton, Carl Tarum, or Kristi Monzon for purchase (contact information available at the main web page), especially for quantity purchase which comes with a significant discount for multiple software licenses purchased at the same time.


NOTE: A printed copy of The New Weibull Handbook(c) by Dr. Bob Abernethy is no longer included with the software bundle in a package. It is much easier for you to order Dr. Bob`s handbook directly from AMAZON.COM. You can search for The New Weibull Handbook or for Dr. Robert B. Abernethy or both. You can also simply enter this link into your browser:

The handbook is now sold separately, and the PlayTIME(TM) software tutorial booklet (formerly also in the package) is now free online in .PDF format. You can access the tutorial booklet here at this link:


Those two publications mentioned above along with purchase of the SuperSMIHT(R) software complete the bundle formerly sold as a package. Why the change? Dr. Abernethy receives a larger portion of handbook sales when we are not in the middle. If the handbook is sold direct to the buyer through AMAZON.COM the book goes from AMAZON directly to the buyer without further delay.


SuperSMITH Description: This is the leading software package for Weibull Engineering. The software is delivered electronically by DEMO download, and then conversion to FULL capability, on standard Windows(R) systems or Windows emulators in seconds. This software performs variability analysis for life data or for dimension data. Important uses are for reliability, safety, maintainability, supportability, quality control, product assurance, sizing, and warranty analysis. PlayTIME(TM) software tutorial booklet in .PDF format. For questions about this package please follow to the LINKS section of this website (select LINKS below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to include correct email for software delivery! Allow a few business days for completion of delivery.



Type: 32-bit executable software

Size: 10 MB of installation files (slightly larger installed)

Platforms: All later Windows platforms plus any other platform running a Windows emulator

Capability: All major recommendations of Dr. Bob Abernethy's standard Weibull reference, THE NEW WEIBULL HANDBOOK(c)

HANDBOOK (order separately now from AMAZON.COM)

Size: 8.5 inch by 11 inch by approximately 1 inch thick

Pages: Approximately 330 pages of text, graphs, and illustrations

TUTORIAL (free online)

Size: Booklet in .PDF electronic format for Adobe reader (free reader available online)

Pages: Approximately 48 pages of text, graphs and illustrations