SuperSMITH(R) Software (Software Only), CD


SuperSMITH software is the leading software for Weibull Engineering. It comes on a single CD and installs on standard Windows(R) systems or Windows emulators in seconds. This software performs variability analysis for life data or for dimension data. Important uses are for reliability, safety, maintainability, supportability, quality control, product assurance, sizing, and warranty analysis. For publications associated with this software such as THE NEW WEIBULL HANDBOOK(c) by Dr. Abernethy and the PlayTIME(TM) software tutorial booklet, please contact Wes Fulton as indicated in the LINKS section of this website (select LINKS below).

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Type: 32-bit executable software

Size: 9 MB on CD or other distributable media (slightly larger installed)

Platforms: All later Windows platforms plus any Apple(TM) products running Windows-simulators.

Capability: All major recommendations of Dr. Bob Abernethy's standard Weibull reference, THE NEW WEIBULL HANDBOOK(c).