Wes Fulton


Mr. Wes Fulton is founder and CEO of Fulton Findings (TM). He worked for AiResearch Los Angeles Division, AlliedSignal Aerospace Corporation, for 16 years. As a program engineer for aircraft actuation projects, especially maneuvering fly-by-wire flight controls, he had engineering and management responsibility for the Indigenous Defensive Fighter (IDF) leading edge flap actuation system (LEFAS) development and production, the Rockwell/MBB X-31A LEFAS flight test program, and the F-16 Fighting Falcon LEFAS production and deployment support. He co-patented a multi-fuseable shaft (high performance drive train device). Mr. Fulton has over 35 years of programming experience as a private programmer. He developed the first widely-used Weibull software, and he wrote the current life-data analysis package, SuperSMITH(R), including SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual. He received his B.S.M.E. from Georgia Tech and his M.S.M.E. from California State University at Long Beach.


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