Free DEMO download file of SuperSMITH(TM) for Windows(R) including

SuperSMITH Weibull, Visual, and YBath(TM) by Fulton Findings (TM)

( Select Link Below to Download DEMO . . . or . . . >>> SELECT HERE FOR FULL VERSION . . .)

NOTE: These free DEMO software versions have full functionality and can be used to teach Weibull free to students, but the DEMO versions randomly change input data so real data cannot be analyzed . . . unless first those data values are saved into a file by a FULL version. The FULL version does not alter input data.

The free DEMO software is in one small compressed file for installation on Windows(R) or a Windows simulator (approximately 10 MB total). The DEMO software can be easily unlocked to FULL status after purchase, by obtaining and entering a special password we can provide. The FULL versions of SuperSMITH Weibull, Visual, and YBath(TM) are professional grade analysis tools.

CAUTION: If you already have a FULL version of the software loaded on your computer, the new DEMO version is designed to write over the existing FULL version to allow electronic upgrades with an approved `Special Name` password. Alternatively, the FULL version can write over the DEMO version if the FULL version is installed afterwards. However, it is always best practice to REMOVE PREVOUSLY INSTALLED FULTON FINDINGS SOFTWARE WHEN INSTALLING AN UPGRADE FOR THAT SAME PROGRAM. Use START / CONTROL-PANEL / UNINSTALL in Windows(R) to delete existing versions before re-installation.

A) STEP 1 --- First download the free DEMO installation files:

NOTE: This procedure works best if you SAVE the file to a temporary directory on your computer first. Copy the files inside the zipped file. Then RUN setup.exe.

>>> Select Here >>> DEMO Installation Files (zipped)

NOTE: Small file . . . quick download . . . saves into your `Downloads` subdirectory

NOTE: No guarantee is offered with respect to viruses or safe software operation. Although already checked previously, any downloaded file should be checked again immediately after download with current and competent virus software.

IMPORTANT: In order to use the same `Special Name` password later for a new installation of the same version, you MUST use the same ss32dem.exe or file matched with that password. Passwords only work with the associated DEMO version indicated at the start of the password text. New versions require a new password. New passwords are not automatically given out. So, it is recommended that you retain both the ss32dem.exe file you used and its matched password for any new installation later (e.g. for installing on a new computer).

B) STEP 2 --- Install and Run the software (have this section in front of you at the time of installation if possible):

1. After you have the file (zipped), view the files that are inside the zipped file:

- smithdat (subdirectory with auxiliary data files)

- setup.exe (executable file to run for installation)

- Setup.lst (list file used by system during installing)

- smithw.CAB (zipped file used by system)

2. Verify that the files are virus-free. Copy the files to a subdirectory so you can access them.

3. RIGHT-CLICK ON THE setup.exe file and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR (right-click setup.exe, select `Properties`, choose `Compatibility`, and make sure `Run this program as an administrator` is checked).

4. Select the large icon to start installation. You may be asked whether to overwrite existing files. Yes, it is okay to overwrite each one. Follow the prompts. Select default choices if acceptable to get easiest installation. Finally click on the CONTINUE button to complete installation.

5. After installation of the software, you are ready to RUN THE SOFTWARE.

- For pre-touch-screen operation:

- Click the START button on the Task Bar

- Select Programs or All Programs

- Choose the SuperSMITH group

- Select either Weibull (SSW) or Visual (SSV) or YBath (SSY)

- For touch-screen operation (if you create short-cut icons on the desktop):

- Touch the image for SSW or SSV or SSY


NOTE: The DEMO software is the latest software version. In the help file are details about revisions so you can decide if you want to officially update your existing software for the upgrade price as described on the contents page. After purchase you can get a `Special Name` password that will unlock the DEMO software to FULL status with no shipping and handling cost, or you can choose to have the software disk(s) sent to you after payment of shipping and handling.

Hints about the data files. Wherever you put the program files, some data files should appear in the \SMITHDAT subdirectory underneath with a variety of extensions. The files with *.W extension will load into SSW, those with *.V extensions should load directly into SSV, and those with *.Y extensions should load directly into SSY.
1) Files with extensions of *.W are most useful when loaded into SuperSMITH Weibull.
2) Files with extensions of *.V are most useful when loaded into SuperSMITH Visual.
3) Files with extensions of *.Y are most useful when loaded into SuperSMITH YBath(TM).
4) Files with *.WAR are text files used directly by SuperSMITH Weibull or SuperSMITH Visual for warranty analysis
5) Files with *.ASC are ASCII text files for use in either program.
6) Files with *.HST are text histogram files for use in either program.
7) Files with *.XLS are Excel files with raw data in warranty matrix format.

Comparing the DEMO to the FULL version

There is only one difference between the DEMO versions of SuperSMITH software and the FULL versions of those programs. Data values entered directly into the DEMO versions are randomly altered up or down somewhat before analysis. Data values entered into the FULL version are not changed before analysis and may be used to solve real problems. Data files previously saved by the FULL version will not be subsequently altered when entered into the DEMO version. This makes the DEMO 100% as capable as the FULL version after data input without any time limit or operational constraint, so you can fully evaluate all software capabilities.

Teaching with SuperSMITH - Free for each student

Note the difference between the DEMO version and the FULL version as explained above, and that files saved by the FULL version can be entered into the DEMO without data-altering. The DEMO software comes with data files illustrating actual Weibull analysis case studies from industry, plus it has special data sets imbedded in the software, and data can be generated by the built-in Monte Carlo simulator. This included data will not be altered by the DEMO before analysis. This free DEMO software demonstrates all features of the actual software using the data sets provided. The data is accessible from the "Open File" icon. There is also a free tutorial booklet link on the main screen at the site.

The free DEMO software and free tutorial booklet can be copied and distributed by anyone and can be used for instruction in Weibull analysis free to the students as follows.

For the above reason, the DEMO can be distributed freely to an unlimited number of students and used to analyze real case studies previously saved by an instructor who owns one FULL version. An instructor can use one FULL version of the software to save data files with the exact data from experiments or case studies for illustration. Students using the free DEMO copies of the software can load these data sets for viewing and analysis, because the DEMO software will not alter data loaded from a file previously stored by the FULL version. The DEMO software only alters data that has been entered directly into the DEMO without use of the FULL version. This allows instructors using the FULL version to prepare their own Weibull-analysis and Crow/AMSAA-reliability-growth case studies to distribute to students so they can study individually on their own computers at their own pace using the free DEMO software. A software tutorial booklet is also available free from the site.

General Information

Information such as detailed description, price and availability for the software is given on the contents page.

A major THANKYOU for the above distribution files and page preparation goes to Paul Barringer.

Some Words About The Software

SuperSMITH Weibull is the ONLY complete probability plotting software that is 100% compatible with The New Weibull Handbook by Dr. Bob Abernethy, the leading authority on Weibull analysis. Unlocking the DEMO to FULL status is easy.

SuperSMITH Visual is a collection of simplified business and scientific plotting routines, including best-practice Crow/AMSAA (Duane) reliability growth plotting that works hand-in-hand with SuperSMITH Weibull. Unlocking the DEMO to FULL status is the same as with the Weibull program.

SuperSMITH YBath(TM) requires larger data sets for useful solutions, and it is a more complex solution required when different occurrence mechanisms are mixed together into one data set. Unlocking of the DEMO to FULL status will be similar to above.

These software programs are written by Wes Fulton and Carl Tarum of Fulton Findings. All Fulton Findings (TM) software products are specifically designed with proprietary technology to use small amounts of computer memory. Fulton Findings programs are unique fully featured programs for advanced variability data analysis and plotting that can be distributed quickly and easily over the internet due to their small size.

All trademarks except Windows(R) belong to Fulton Findings (TM). The Windows trademark belongs to Microsoft Corporation.


Last revised on 2 May 2012