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The SuperSMITH(TM) package includes SuperSMITH Weibull software, SuperSMITH Visual Software, SuperSMITH YBath(TM) software, The New Weibull Handbook(c) by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy, plus the PlayTIME(TM) tutorial booklet. You can purchase the SuperSMITH package by itself, or you can get it by attending a workshop. Each Weibull Workshop attendee receives the FULL SuperSMITH package plus the training. Here are the summary descriptions of each SuperSMITH item listed above.


SuperSMITH Weibull software . . . the world standard for Weibull Engineering with the most unique specific-to-Weibull methods available. Key capabilities include:

-      It is the only software 100% compatible with The New Weibull Handbook, and the IEC 61649 (2008-08) International Standard

-      Weibull plots of age-to-failure data and manufacturing data

-      All solution methods (graphical and purely-mathematical)

-      All confidence methods (binomial-based, likelihood-based, simulation-based)

-      Abernethy Risk for failure forecasting, warranty, and spares

-      Optimum Replacement for lowest-cost equipment operation

-      Weibayes test planning to get lowest-cost capability demonstration

-      Accelerated Test analysis built-in (no separate program needed)

-      Barringer Process Reliability solutions for maximizing production opportunity

-      All above for other models, other distributions (Normal, Lognormal, Gumbel. . .)


SuperSMITH Visual software . . . the companion (but stand-alone) visual plotting program with multiple graphing capabilities. These capabilities include:

-      General management and scientific plottingCrow/AMSAA plots for trending any significant event for management

-      Six-Sigma style quality analysis and capability reporting

-      Contour plots showing areas of solution certainty

-      Bar charts and pie graphs for visual clarity

-      Function plots and transforms for viewing math relationships


SuperSMITH Ybath software . . . the companion (but stand-alone) plotting program with techniques for detailed analysis of Weibull mixtures. When two or three causes are mixed together in the same set of measurement data, you need a program like Ybath. The Ybath techniques include:

-      The basic Weibull plotting capability of SuperSMITH(TM) Weibull

-      Competing Risk plots for analysis of 2 mixed failure causes

-      Competing Risk Batch plots for analysis for 2 causes and batch proportion

-      Bathtub plots for analysis for 3 causes and batch proportion


The New Weibull Handbook . . . standard reference volume for Weibull Engineering. Written by the #1 authority on Weibull methods, Dr. Robert B. Abernethy (Dr. Bob). He invented the engines driving the fastest self-powered, manned, aircraft . . . the SR-71 Blackbird. He also has his doctorate in statistics. This easy-to-read handbook includes:

-      Introduction, background, and overview of Weibull Engineering

-      Weibull plotting instruction step-by-step

-      Pitfalls and work-around solutions to every-day data

-      Failure forecasting, Abernethy Risk

-      Advanced solution techniques

-      Simplifying and improving solutions

-      Test planning

-      Confidence methods

-      Alternate models to help with different data types

-      Management tools for trending of any significant event


PlayTIME Software Tutorial Booklet . . . the companion tutorial booklet to SuperSMITH(TM) software. This tutorial has over 50 example problems for solution using the software.



We also provide . . .


Reminder >>> Each attendee receives the FULL SuperSMITH(TM) package described above!


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A Weibull / Lognormal introduction. Brings the novice up to working level. Covers analysis of good data, messy data, forecasting, optimum replacements, inspections, grouped data, Weibayes, test planning, and reliability growth modeling. Training includes hours of hands-on problem solving with SuperSMITH software to analyze example data found in the PlayTIME Computer Tutorial for SuperSMITH.


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Extends coverage to alternate fitting solutions such as maximum likelihood estimation (mle), distribution comparison, system and mixture solutions, confidence, significant differences, and related models. More time is included for student hands-on problem solving using SuperSMITH. There is additional time for details concerning simulation models or for follow-up consulting on data brought by each student.


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This time-tested complete workshop by Dr. Bob Abernethy works for most applications. From the beginning to the end with case studies for Automotive, Aerospace, Electric Power Plant, Chemical & Petro-Chemical Plant, Medical, and every type of commercial product or service. Coverage of the complete New Weibull Handbook by Dr. Bob.


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The complete workshop including both 2-Day sessions above. There is a discount for hosting the advanced workshop immediately after the basic workshop for the same people.




Wes Fulton is founder and CEO of Fulton Findings (TM) and the creator of SuperSMITH Weibull, SuperSMITH Visual, and several special programs for statistical research such as MonteCarloSMITH(TM) and BiWeibullSMITH(TM) software packages. He has 16 years experience as Program Engineer for Garrett AiResearch aerospace systems and over 25 years as a software programmer. He supervised development and production engineering of aircraft flight control projects, and maneuvering fly-by-wire actuation systems. He co-patented the multi-fuseable shaft (a high-performance drive-train device) and is a member of IEEE and SAE. A lecturer in statistical modeling, he developed the Fulton Factor used in set comparison and originated the concept of assurance that equates reliability and confidence.


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